News from Gaza's Ark

  • Norwegian doctor banned from Israel, not Gaza, Foreign Ministry says

    Gaza's Ark Nov 17, 2014 | 20:11 pm

    The Foreign Ministry has denied that Israel banned a Norwegian doctor from entering the Gaza Strip, but confirmed that he has indeed been banned from entering Israel. A life ban was reportedly imposed on doctor and activist Mads Gilbert from entering[…]

  • Expression of Gratitude

    Gaza's Ark Oct 12, 2014 | 17:40 pm

    The Steering Committee of the Gaza Ark project would like to publicly express our gratitude to Swedish volunteer Charlie Andreasson for all his assistance to the project over the last year. A sailor from Gothenburg who was part of the[…]

  • Support for Gaza exports: Product payments & ongoing solidarity

    Gaza's Ark Oct 9, 2014 | 19:42 pm

    As the dust settles in Gaza after the latest Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians, we at Gaza’s Ark have been renewing our contacts with our Palestinian partners and producers. Firstly we are inquiring about them, their families and any losses/damages[…]

  • Gaza’s Ark: Building Hope

    Gaza's Ark Sep 29, 2014 | 16:43 pm

    Gaza’s Ark is more than a project; it is the building of hope for Palestinian artisans, traders and exporters through peaceful action against the blockade of the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip                   […]