• Call for Action: 25 days on Hunger Strike, 600 Hours Without Food

     A statement from our partner organization, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Gaza:

    An Appeal for Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners and detainees on hunger strike in Israeli prisons      

    To all Human Rights and human dignity defenders…
    To all who oppose Israel crimes and terrorism...


    Palestinian Prisoners and detainees are on an open hunger strike for their 24th day, demanding of their basic rights. The brutal Israeli Occupation has detained their freedom as a punishment for their legitimate struggle against the occupation of their homeland, it even deprives them of their basic needs, and practices systematic repressive policies against them, which violate principles of International Law.

  • Call from Palestine to the Freedom Flotilla

    We the Palestinians of the besieged Gaza Strip and the rest of occupied Palestine, on this day, more than eight years after closures began on Gaza, are saying: Enough inaction, enough discussion, enough waiting - the full siege on the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea must end.

    The atrocities in the war on Gaza last summer left us with a loss of 2.200 lives, among them over 500 children. More than 11.000 people were injured. The physical destruction was devastating. The homeless can be counted to 100.000.

  • Solidarity with Gaza Fishers campaign has a logo, from Gaza

    Solidarity with Gaza Fishers (SGF) is a Freedom Flotilla Coalition initiative that aims to link the struggle of Palestinian fishers in Gaza, undeSGF logor blockade and under constant attacks by Israel, with their counterparts in countries all over the world, and to build international civil society support for the end of Israel's blockade of Gaza.

    The initiative was launched with a call to all artists/designers globally for submissions of a criterion based logo for SGF that represented the situation of fishers in Gaza who face restrictions and violence from the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Solidarity with Gaza Fishers