• Call for Action: 25 days on Hunger Strike, 600 Hours Without Food (UPDATED)

     A statement from our partner organization, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Gaza:

    An Appeal for Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners and detainees on hunger strike in Israeli prisons      

    To all Human Rights and human dignity defenders…
    To all who oppose Israel crimes and terrorism...


    Palestinian Prisoners and detainees are on an open hunger strike for their 24th day, demanding of their basic rights. The brutal Israeli Occupation has detained their freedom as a punishment for their legitimate struggle against the occupation of their homeland, it even deprives them of their basic needs, and practices systematic repressive policies against them, which violate principles of International Law.

  • Swedish Parliament Hears from the Women’s Boat to Gaza

    Swedish Parliament Hears from the Women’s Boat to Gaza

    Women from five continents who took part in the Women’s Boat to Gaza, travelled to Stockholm to attend the Women of Gaza Under the Blockade” conference and support a resolution at the end of the conference’.

    The women supported a resolution calling on the Swedish government, members of the Security Council of the United Nations and governments of all participants in the Women’s Boat to Gaza campaign to take firm and determined actions  to pressure Israel and Egypt to immediately end the blockade of Gaza. It also called for sanctions and the cancellation of commercial agreements and cooperation in fields such as medicine and education.

Solidarity with Gaza Fishers